Certified by Linux

The world of Information Technology is changing dramatically. Ten years ago, people with a degree from high school and a technical trade school were eligible for what is now one of the hottest and in-demand careers in the country. Today, the competitive field of IT requires certifications, extensive training, and a bare minimum of an associateâEUR(TM)s degree with a preference for a bachelorâEUR(TM)s degree in Information technology. Linux certification is one of those necessary validations of education in the attempt to land a good job in the world of IT.

Linux certification puts the IT professional ahead of the game. With Windows being the dominant system, the vast majority of IT professionals have maintained a steady focus on Windows oriented certifications. However, the Linux system is slowly increasing in popularity, which means that there will soon be a demand for Linux certified professionals and not enough IT professionals who can make the grade. Windows was designed to allow just about anyone to use the computer and to get from point A to point B without a lot of processing. Its user friendly capabilities have made Windows the primary system for most home users.

The capabilities of the Linux systems are more complex, but can do more without mass confusion, making it increasingly popular among those who wish to set up systems with phenomenal professional or personal capabilities. Those with Linux certifications will be the ones who are called as many professional settings are transitioning to include both systems.

Linux certification makes the IT professional much more versatile. While a great many potential employers may not recognize what a Linux certification really is, they will recognize the versatility that comes with it. Employers who are seeking IT support do not always understand everything they want their IT professional to do. In some rare but drastic cases, a personable individual with a long list of certifications is the one who lands the job simply because they look more professional and capable on paper and they seem to have a personality that others can get along with.

While some companies put a little more into their hiring process, without an Information Technology specialist on hand to explain everything, many companies feel as though they are shooting in the dark hoping to come up with a serious job candidate.

Linux and Unix are nearly the same animal, but are two different flavors in a very potent Information rich Technology world. For those who are looking to master all the animals, Linux can broaden the experiences understood by developing their Unix skills.

For the sake of the IT professional, Linux presents a different type of challenge, one that can help the IT graduate push forward and grasp entirely new concepts that arenâEUR(TM)t present in Windows programs or certifications. Some IT professionals just enjoy the Linux system and feel that the certification is worth its salt for the experience of delving into Linux systems. Linux is more challenging, and being able to complete the challenge is more than enough for some newer IT professionals.

For those trying to break into the business, Linux is a must. Newbies will be competing with professionals with less education but more experience. Having a Linux certification is an excellent step to presenting to potential employers with a competitive edge. Given the experience that many of the IT professionals have been able to retain over the last ten years, breaking into the IT world is not easy. Every little edge that can overshadow long term experience is going to place a huge point in the newbieâEUR(TM)s corner.

Window Hosting Versus Linux Hosting

Sometimes we may be feel hesitate when try to decide which web hosting providers as lots of these companies are around the market. Commonly, there are two different hosting plans – Window Hosting and Linux Hosting. Well, I believe Window Hosting is not a strange name anymore. In term of charge rate, Window Hosting usually more expensive due to licensee issue from Microsoft. But in term of services and features, both of them are quite similar. Following I will bring you guys to understand more about Window Hosting and Linux Hosting.

Since a decade ago, Microsoft has been active in the operating systems market. Nowadays, almost 90% of the computer terminals using Microsoft products and due to this significant monopoly by Microsoft, most people already implant a mindset of using Microsoft Windows. According to survey reviewed by Securityspace.com recently, Window Based server is about 20% less than the total websites on the internet. This is mainly due to Linux Hosting equally able to provide the similar result with lower price.

A few reasons attract people to use Window Hosting:

1 .NET technologies including ASP.net

Window Hosting has .NET technologies including ASP.net whereas Linux Hosting do not have it. This feature is necessary if you want to set up website which requires .NET technologies and ASP.net.

2. Access Database
Window Hosting has this option. This option only compatible and only available on Window Hosting but not on Linux Hosting.


MSSQL is an enterprise class database which set up by Microsoft. Linux Hosting also have this feature which only is common enterprise class database. If you really require Microsoft’s MSSQL enterprise class database, then you have to go for Window Hosting.

4. Share points Service

For Window Hosting, it has its own share points feature which is known as 2003 Frontpage. This feature only available on Window Hosting.

After reading the above, I would like to bring your attention to Linux Hosting now: –

1. Free of Charge Enterprise Class Website

Basically Linux Hosting is an open source platform where everybody can install and use it. It offers lots of major services for free. It can link together with other services like Apache, MySQL and PHP in order to provide infrastructure for many high traffic websites.

2. Better PHP

As in compare between Linux Hosting and Window Hosting, Linux Hosting can run better PHP. But if the PHP scripts are in heavy load, then there will be no much different between them.

3. Cheaper Rate

As in overall, Linux Hosting is cheaper by 20% than Window Hosting.

So a conclusion, if your website utilizes lots of Microsoft based technologies. Then Window Hosting is more suitable for you. And if your website utilizes other technologies, then Linux Hosting will be more suitable for you. Furthermore, you can save more by using Linux Hosting.

Linux Vs Windows Hosting Platform

After you have finished your web design and you think you are well prepared to publish your website to the people from all over the world, then it is essential to purchase a web host for your web business online. Web host is divided into two categories when it talks about operating system, Linux and Windows hosting plans. Which one is better, Linux or Windows? This is a real dilemma especially if you are lack of understanding.

In this state of things, it is natural for you to fall into the popular debate of which platform is better. Actually, both have pluses and minuses. Leave the debate alone and think of what is best for you. Many people who have little computer knowledge may make a decision according to the operating system that is installed on their personal computers. This is an error of judgment as the operating system of your PC is totally irrelevant to your selection of web hosting operating system and there is really no need to take it into account. Instead, the basic criterion for your selection should be in accordance with what platform will help you the most. In short, it is your website requirement rather than operating system of your PC should be considered.

Do you need to use following components or technologies that is only compatible for Windows server?.NET scripts, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access databases, ASP or ASP.NET scripts and other Windows scripting applications will not compatible with Linux server. Therefore, if you are a fun of Microsoft, it is advised that you should choose a Windows based platform so that you will make full use of different software and application of that company.

On the other hand, with Linux server, you will be able to run PHP scripts, MySQL databases, Python, XML and many other languages. If you are planning to run your website with platform independent languages such as, PHP and MySql, it is a wise choice to go with a Linux server. Linux is an open source system, where anyone can contribute to the development and it is well known to possess remarkable power and stability. As long as they are administered properly, Linux servers are able to several queries at the same time. Linux based databases, such as MySql and PostgreSql are relational databases and they are both inexpensive and very efficient. With either of these database, you website can operate very well. Linux servers are famous for dependability as they often maintain a very high percentage of uptime, at least 99.9%. Linux web hosting servers enjoys great popularity among webmaster and developers also contribute to its great reliability.

Linux hosting plans are generally 20% cheaper than Windows hosting plans. This is mainly because that Linux server and its supporting technologies are open source technologies and many online communities make various contributions without any charge while Windows is developed the stuff of Microsoft Company at very high operative costs and the company force people to pay for their license fee before using the Windows server. To use Windows server software it will cost your hosting company much more than using the free of charge Linux server software. And less cost for your hosting company will means less cost for you.

In addition, with Linux server, you will enjoy the greatest of ease when it comes to switching over to Windows system. If a user’s requirement changes with the website development, it is also fairly easy to upgrade a Linux server to meet that needs. Due to the great versatility, Linux has become a platform for many new technologies that become widely used in hosting industry.

To sum up, if you do not need support for some unique Microsoft products to set up unique features for your website like a searchable database or a chat facility, then Linux hosting servers will perform beautifully and flawlessly without doubt. Finally, it all depends on what you need rather than on the merits and demerits of the server. Except for website requirements, for many people the major factor in choosing a web hosting plan is usually the cost. With the fierce competition in web hosting market, many hosting providers are offering cheap hosting deals.

How to Go About Becoming a Linux Systems Administrator

There are currently four Linux program certification bodies that you can choose from if you are interested in leaning Linux, these are The Novell Corporation, the Computing Technology Industry Association, Red Hat Inc, and Linux Professional Institute. The Computer Technology Industry Association and Linux professional Institute and are professional Linux teaching associations whose certificate programs are not dependent on any specific Linux distribution. Red Hat and Novell certifications on the other hand are closely linked to these associations’ popular Linux distributions. In order to prepare for the Red Hat or Novell Linux certification, access to their Linux versions is definitely a must.

If you are planning to obtain Linux certification then there are a couple of things that are required. The first thing that is required of you in such a situation is that you pass one or more extensive Linux tests that illustrate your prowess in handling typical as well as atypical issues faced by Linux system administrators. This article takes a close look at Linux+ Certification which is typically recommended by experts as the primary certification for people new to Linux. This certification does not apply to any specific version of Linux. Instead it is a test fashioned to validate the knowledge gained by people with a minimum of 6 -12 months of practical Linux experience.

Individuals who are able to attain the certification according to the Computing Technology Industry Association have a clear understanding of the fundamental management of this system from command line, software configurations, user administration, file permissions, security, server systems and management of Linux-based clients. For those who wish to practice these fundamentals, most of the above functions can be found on Damn Small Linux. This certification is a fundamental entry-level certification program for person who wish to become Linux system administrators. This program is meant for people who have six or more months maintaining, operating and installing this operating systems.

In order to attain this certification candidates must pass the exam which consists of 98 questions covering areas of installation, planning and implementation, configuration, systems maintenance, administration and trouble shooting. This certification exam is a $232 multiple choice exam that offers a great starting point for individuals who wish to continue on to learn other Linux certifications including those from Red Hat and Novell. There are a number of learning options available for those who wish to lean Linux. One can opt to enroll in a computer teaching institute that offers the certification or learn online.