How to Go About Becoming a Linux Systems Administrator

There are currently four Linux program certification bodies that you can choose from if you are interested in leaning Linux, these are The Novell Corporation, the Computing Technology Industry Association, Red Hat Inc, and Linux Professional Institute. The Computer Technology Industry Association and Linux professional Institute and are professional Linux teaching associations whose certificate programs are not dependent on any specific Linux distribution. Red Hat and Novell certifications on the other hand are closely linked to these associations’ popular Linux distributions. In order to prepare for the Red Hat or Novell Linux certification, access to their Linux versions is definitely a must.

If you are planning to obtain Linux certification then there are a couple of things that are required. The first thing that is required of you in such a situation is that you pass one or more extensive Linux tests that illustrate your prowess in handling typical as well as atypical issues faced by Linux system administrators. This article takes a close look at Linux+ Certification which is typically recommended by experts as the primary certification for people new to Linux. This certification does not apply to any specific version of Linux. Instead it is a test fashioned to validate the knowledge gained by people with a minimum of 6 -12 months of practical Linux experience.

Individuals who are able to attain the certification according to the Computing Technology Industry Association have a clear understanding of the fundamental management of this system from command line, software configurations, user administration, file permissions, security, server systems and management of Linux-based clients. For those who wish to practice these fundamentals, most of the above functions can be found on Damn Small Linux. This certification is a fundamental entry-level certification program for person who wish to become Linux system administrators. This program is meant for people who have six or more months maintaining, operating and installing this operating systems.

In order to attain this certification candidates must pass the exam which consists of 98 questions covering areas of installation, planning and implementation, configuration, systems maintenance, administration and trouble shooting. This certification exam is a $232 multiple choice exam that offers a great starting point for individuals who wish to continue on to learn other Linux certifications including those from Red Hat and Novell. There are a number of learning options available for those who wish to lean Linux. One can opt to enroll in a computer teaching institute that offers the certification or learn online.