Linux Hosting After Evaluating Your Needs

Truly speaking, there are thousands of companies in operation as far as website hosting in India is concerned. The majority of these companies provide Windows hosting as well as Linux hosting plans. Windows plans are normally priced more due to the license expenses enforced by Microsoft. So, the question remains: how can you determine which one is more suitable for you – Windows or Linux? Read this article to make your task easier.

“Windows or linux ?”

Windows operating systems are widely used in approximately 95 percent of all personal computers in the world. Therefore, they are the most preferred option among all those novices who are looking for cheap web space for their websites. However, in the world of web servers, Windows is lagging behind.

People usually opt for a Windows hosting plan when they have their websites developed using Microsoft .NET technologies that are unavailable on Linux platforms. As a matter of fact, if you require ASP with no .NET features, nearly all Linux plans do not extend support for it. Similarly, Access databases are exclusively obtainable with a Windows plan. They are unable to run on a Linux OS. If you require an enterprise class database, there are several options that are compatible with a Linux platform. However, if you have the requirement for Microsoft’s MSSQL database, a Windows plan must be your ultimate choice.

On the other hand, if you want to operate an enterprise class website, Linux based systems are the most suitable ones since they offer all the important services to run such a site for free. Several websites with voluminous traffic on the internet boast superior quality infrastructure provided by Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP or simply LAMP. PHP performs more effectively on a Linux sever in comparison to a Windows server. Nevertheless, unless your PHP scripts experience a heavy load, you cannot notice the difference.

In most cases, Linux hosting plans are a minimum of 20 percent cheaper than Windows plans. If you don’t require any of the aforesaid Windows attributes, Linux is a perfect choice for your web hosting in India. There are also reseller hosting plans available for both the platforms.

In case of Microsoft based technologies, Windows plans are normally your finest bet. For all other technologies, Linux plans will mostly perform very well. Due to the cost benefits generally associated with Linux, such hosting is the apt option for you. Hence, weigh your requirements carefully and choose the right platform.

Windows Hosting versus Linux Hosting

There are literally hundreds of thousands of web hosting companies out there. Many of these companies offer both Windows hosting and Linux hosting plans. Windows plans usually cost more because of the license costs imposed by Microsoft. Knowing this, how can you know when you need Windows hosting and when Linux hosting will work just as well or better? Keep reading to find out.

Windows operating systems are found on something like 95% of all personal computers in the world. With such a total dominance, Microsoft Windows is top of mind to most new people looking for web hosting.

In the web server world though, Windows based servers are behind less than 20% of all websites on the internet. This is according to the latest web server survey from By choosing a Linux hosting plan, you will find yourself in good company.

When do you have to use Windows Hosting?

1. .NET technologies including are not available on Linux platforms. If you have a website built with Microsoft .NET technologies you will have to choose a Windows hosting plan. In fact, if you need ASP without .NET features, most Linux hosting plans do not offer support for it.

2. Access Databases are only available with a Windows hosting plan. Access runs on a Microsoft Windows platform and cannot run on a Linux Operating system.

3. MSSQL is an enterprise class database put out by Microsoft. If you need an enterprise class database there are some alternatives that run on a Linux platform but if you need Microsoft’s MSSQL database, a Windows hosting plan will have to be your choice.

4. If you are using Microsoft’s Sharepoint services like some of the Sharepoint features found in Frontpage 2003, a Windows Hosting plan is your only choice.

What is the advantage to choosing Linux Hosting?

All the major services you need to run an enterprise class website are available on Linux based systems for free. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP are being used together to provide the infrastructure behind some of the most traffic intensive sites on the internet.

PHP runs better on a Linux server than on a Windows server. Having said that, unless you are putting a heavy load on your PHP scripts, this will not be noticeable.

In general, Linux hosting plans are at least 20% cheaper than Windows hosting plans. If you don’t need any of the features mentioned above, Linux hosting is a fine choice for your needs.

For Microsoft specific technologies, Windows hosting plans are usually your best bet. For everything else, Linux hosting plans will usually do quite well. With the cost savings usually found with Linux hosting plans, Linux hosting is usually the right choice for you.

What Are the Differences Between Linux Hosting

When you finally come to the decision to create a website of your own or for your business, you will face the need to determine whether your website is going to be hosted on a Windows server or a Linux server. While you can always outsource the tasks to or consult web development experts, you can start by learning these basics this article is addressing.

Fundamentally, Windows hosting and Linux hosting differs from each other in that:

1. Windows hosting charges more than Linux hosting on a very obvious level simply because Microsoft doesn’t release the series of Windows Server operating systems free. It’s much more pricey than Linux distributions.

2. While you can use some not-so-exclusive Linux web technologies on Windows servers such as Apache, PHP and MySQL, it’s nearly impossible to run an efficient IIS web server on Linux servers. Let alone the entire architecture of Windows.NET technologies.

3. Apache, PHP and MySQL are better tuned to Linux systems while MSSQL, ASP and ASPX (.NET) are better tuned to Windows systems. So if your website relies on PHP and MySQL to serve and perform, use Linux. Otherwise if your website is built on Microsoft.NET technologies, use Windows hosting instead.

4. Windows system hosting have bigger server overhead thus consume more server resources than Linux platforms do with the same application and traffic demand. But it will not be so when it scales up. Therefore, hosting small websites that are not so popular on Windows may not be quite cost-effective.

5. Windows operating systems are much more easier to use than Linux systems. Linux does have desktop applications but most users are more accustomed to Windows UI.

6. On Windows platforms, it’s much easier to integrate your website to any of Microsoft’s other product lines such as the Office Suite. You can easily integrate Office documents such as .doc and .xls and even your entire officing logic into the website, seamlessly streamlining the work flow. On Linux, it’s not so easy.

7. Windows platform can host not only custom created and maintained websites / web applications, but it can also host Microsoft released web products such as the Exchange Server. However, on Linux, this is impossible.

Technically, there are lot more differences between Windows hosting and Linux hosting but these are the most prominent.

Linux Web Hosting Versus Windows

If you are new to web hosting industry, it can be quite a feat to choose the best solution for you need. There are many aspects you may totally unfamiliar with. For instance, there are different operating platforms, Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting for you to choose. Even though both of them have the similar function which will allows you to put your website online easily, there are also some fundamental differences between them. Thus, before you go on to search for the best web hosting service you could get, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Besides, there are completely different requirements between a small blog website and a big enterprise website. Thus, when purchasing for web hosting, you should assess your priorities and needs.

Advantages of Linux Hosting Compared with Windows Hosting

Linux web hosting is much affordable. As we all known that Linux is open source and generally free whereas Windows operating system is developed and owned by Microsoft. This means that you can set up a Linux server totally free while quite expensive to set up and run a Windows server. As the web hosting companies need to pay more to set up a Windows server, they will convert the money to customers. Therefore, if you are short of money and do not have any special requirements for Windows-based programming languages and applications you can easily find a quite affordable and reliable Linux web hosting package.

Advantages of Windows Hosting Compared with Linux Hosting

As mentioned above, if you intend to create your web site with Windows applications, such as ASP, FrontPage, the.NET environment, Windows Streaming Media, Access, MSSQL, or any of the other Microsoft proprietary technologies then a Windows web hosting plan would be absolutely essential since there are very limited support for these technologies in Linux hosting solution. However, before you start making your website with these languages, it is probably worth your considering the fact that if you use these server specific technologies and then changing a web host will be much harder than you use technologies that can be run on any other system.

Which One is Best Fit You

After you have a clear idea about the advantages of each, you should be able to make a wise decision. If you are still feel puzzle about which one is right for you, then I suggest you to go for Linux server. Many newbie webmaster find Linux servers to be the “simpler” operating system and they are more reliable, affordable. Of course, talking with your potential hosting companies about your website requirements will help you solve the problem to some extent.

Window Hosting Versus Linux Hosting

Sometimes we may be feel hesitate when try to decide which web hosting providers as lots of these companies are around the market. Commonly, there are two different hosting plans – Window Hosting and Linux Hosting. Well, I believe Window Hosting is not a strange name anymore. In term of charge rate, Window Hosting usually more expensive due to licensee issue from Microsoft. But in term of services and features, both of them are quite similar. Following I will bring you guys to understand more about Window Hosting and Linux Hosting.

Since a decade ago, Microsoft has been active in the operating systems market. Nowadays, almost 90% of the computer terminals using Microsoft products and due to this significant monopoly by Microsoft, most people already implant a mindset of using Microsoft Windows. According to survey reviewed by recently, Window Based server is about 20% less than the total websites on the internet. This is mainly due to Linux Hosting equally able to provide the similar result with lower price.

A few reasons attract people to use Window Hosting:

1 .NET technologies including

Window Hosting has .NET technologies including whereas Linux Hosting do not have it. This feature is necessary if you want to set up website which requires .NET technologies and

2. Access Database
Window Hosting has this option. This option only compatible and only available on Window Hosting but not on Linux Hosting.


MSSQL is an enterprise class database which set up by Microsoft. Linux Hosting also have this feature which only is common enterprise class database. If you really require Microsoft’s MSSQL enterprise class database, then you have to go for Window Hosting.

4. Share points Service

For Window Hosting, it has its own share points feature which is known as 2003 Frontpage. This feature only available on Window Hosting.

After reading the above, I would like to bring your attention to Linux Hosting now: –

1. Free of Charge Enterprise Class Website

Basically Linux Hosting is an open source platform where everybody can install and use it. It offers lots of major services for free. It can link together with other services like Apache, MySQL and PHP in order to provide infrastructure for many high traffic websites.

2. Better PHP

As in compare between Linux Hosting and Window Hosting, Linux Hosting can run better PHP. But if the PHP scripts are in heavy load, then there will be no much different between them.

3. Cheaper Rate

As in overall, Linux Hosting is cheaper by 20% than Window Hosting.

So a conclusion, if your website utilizes lots of Microsoft based technologies. Then Window Hosting is more suitable for you. And if your website utilizes other technologies, then Linux Hosting will be more suitable for you. Furthermore, you can save more by using Linux Hosting.

Linux Vs Windows Hosting Platform

After you have finished your web design and you think you are well prepared to publish your website to the people from all over the world, then it is essential to purchase a web host for your web business online. Web host is divided into two categories when it talks about operating system, Linux and Windows hosting plans. Which one is better, Linux or Windows? This is a real dilemma especially if you are lack of understanding.

In this state of things, it is natural for you to fall into the popular debate of which platform is better. Actually, both have pluses and minuses. Leave the debate alone and think of what is best for you. Many people who have little computer knowledge may make a decision according to the operating system that is installed on their personal computers. This is an error of judgment as the operating system of your PC is totally irrelevant to your selection of web hosting operating system and there is really no need to take it into account. Instead, the basic criterion for your selection should be in accordance with what platform will help you the most. In short, it is your website requirement rather than operating system of your PC should be considered.

Do you need to use following components or technologies that is only compatible for Windows server?.NET scripts, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access databases, ASP or ASP.NET scripts and other Windows scripting applications will not compatible with Linux server. Therefore, if you are a fun of Microsoft, it is advised that you should choose a Windows based platform so that you will make full use of different software and application of that company.

On the other hand, with Linux server, you will be able to run PHP scripts, MySQL databases, Python, XML and many other languages. If you are planning to run your website with platform independent languages such as, PHP and MySql, it is a wise choice to go with a Linux server. Linux is an open source system, where anyone can contribute to the development and it is well known to possess remarkable power and stability. As long as they are administered properly, Linux servers are able to several queries at the same time. Linux based databases, such as MySql and PostgreSql are relational databases and they are both inexpensive and very efficient. With either of these database, you website can operate very well. Linux servers are famous for dependability as they often maintain a very high percentage of uptime, at least 99.9%. Linux web hosting servers enjoys great popularity among webmaster and developers also contribute to its great reliability.

Linux hosting plans are generally 20% cheaper than Windows hosting plans. This is mainly because that Linux server and its supporting technologies are open source technologies and many online communities make various contributions without any charge while Windows is developed the stuff of Microsoft Company at very high operative costs and the company force people to pay for their license fee before using the Windows server. To use Windows server software it will cost your hosting company much more than using the free of charge Linux server software. And less cost for your hosting company will means less cost for you.

In addition, with Linux server, you will enjoy the greatest of ease when it comes to switching over to Windows system. If a user’s requirement changes with the website development, it is also fairly easy to upgrade a Linux server to meet that needs. Due to the great versatility, Linux has become a platform for many new technologies that become widely used in hosting industry.

To sum up, if you do not need support for some unique Microsoft products to set up unique features for your website like a searchable database or a chat facility, then Linux hosting servers will perform beautifully and flawlessly without doubt. Finally, it all depends on what you need rather than on the merits and demerits of the server. Except for website requirements, for many people the major factor in choosing a web hosting plan is usually the cost. With the fierce competition in web hosting market, many hosting providers are offering cheap hosting deals.

Windows Or Linux Hosting?

Which operating system is better? Windows or Linux?

I am not going to answer this question definitely. I don’t believe there is one simple answer as well as I can’t provide a “this OS is better” statement. Windows and Linux have its own advantages and disadvantages. People usually say that Linux platform is more reliable and stable. Linux users and programmers are usually fanatics of their operating system.

On the other hand, Windows OS doesn’t have so much fanatics, or they do not show themselves so much. This may be explained by the fact that Windows was develped by Microsoft, and not by many independent programmers.

Windows and Linux Performance

If we compare Windows against Linux, we can note one thing: Linux can handle more processes that runs simultaneously at the same time being much better than Windows. Windows becomes unstable when running many processor on a single machine.

This might be a very good reason to choose Linux, but in my opinion, a server can perform very well regardless of the operating system: Windows or Linux. Its all up to system administrators and server hardware.

Linux is always free. Windows costs money!

There is very popular opinion that Linux flourishes because of its open-source. Many programmers work hard to improve Linux’ quality. Mainly, Linux operating system is always free.

But Windows (as well as Linux) is a global and powerful product developed by many programmers from Microsoft. But the difference is that Windows programmers are paid for their work by Microsoft. Microsoft Windows operating system is paid, so every hosting company that wants to provide customers with Windows hosting should buy one or more Windows Server licenses.

So, what is the decision?

The right decision between Windows and Linux should be made based on your website and other needs. The right decision should be made base on the technology your web site is going to use.

There are many technologies you can use while writing your website application.

There are such technologies as PHP, Perl, Pythod, ASP, ASP.NET, Java and more. ASP, ASP.NET and PHP deserve special attention due to their huge popularity and functionality. PHP is open source project and can be used for free. ASP and ASP.NET are the Microsoft products and work only with Windows. However, PHP can be used on both Windows and Linux. But mainly PHP is used on Linux.

Making the correct decision

Microsoft Windows is an operating system and a hosting platform that has one big advantage: you can use ASP and ASP.NET. If you are going to use ASP and/or ASP.NET for building your web application, then Windows hosting is the right choice for you at the moment!

And, you can easily use PHP on both Windows and Linux. For example, if you want to migrate from ASP.NET to PHP you will not need to change your operation system – you can still use Windows!

Going back to Linux: while you can’t use ASP on Linux, this OS is the most popular for web hosting servers. The stability of Windows and Linux depends on system administrators, not on operating system.


As for me, the owner of the hosting company, I recommend to use Linux as your default decision because of its deserved stability, reliability and price (Linux hosting is always cheaper than Windows because Linux is free and, as I said, Windows always costs money for the hosters). However, some features are not supported by Linux, for example, ASP and ASP.NET. If you require these technologies, then this is the time to choose Windows as your web hosting platform.

Windows Or Linux Hosting

Windows Hosting is a highly popular hosting solution wherein websites are hosted via Microsoft Windows NT or 2000 Internet Information Server (IIS). Developed by Microsoft Windows, windows servers take into account access to the Active Server Pages (ASP), MS SQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft and FrontPage.

A popular alternative to windows hosting is Linux-based hosting for operating a website. Linux Hosting services include useful features like PHP and MySQL support, Apache Web Server, Chmod file permissions, and Mod Rewrite Support. Some of popular Linux solutions include Debian, RedHat, and Slackware etc. This type of hosting is a cheap, affordable and safe hosting option for websites based on OpenSource technologies. A big advantage of Linux is that the customer sites are safe, secure and stable. Also, this hosting is very compatible with e-commerce functions often used by small businesses widely.

The best deal about Windows-based Hosting is that customer gets excellent support along with steady stream of updates. However, it is needs to be understood that windows hosting needs more resources when compared to Linux hosting. The ready availability of.NET technologies like ASP based on windows platform encourage many users to go for windows hosting plans.

It is well known that ASP technology is by far the best for larger databases in comparison to PHP or Perl and MS SQL. In fact ASP platform, though expensive than UNIX hosting, is very convenient to use instead of working on Linux platform for such applications. Windows hosting with ASP.NET provides the best solution for better performance and reliability.

The best deal about Windows related Hosting is that customer gets excellent support along with steady stream of updates. However, it is needs to be understood that windows hosting needs more resources when compared to Opensource hosting.

Some of the other feature-related differences can be understood well from the table below:

Comparative Features in Win/Linux Hosting

FrontPage Extensions- Both

FTP Access- Both

Telnet/SSH Access LIMITED(Win) Full (Lin.)




Access Database YES NO(Lin)

mySQL Database- Both

HTML & JavaScript -Both


You might be wondering about the price points while choosing between Linux/Windows Hosting as far as web hosting India is concerned. Obviously the scales veer in favor of Linux plans that render savings of almost 20% than Windows-based hosting. A key reason for this is the Open Source parentage of Linux server and its supporting technologies. Windows set up, on the other hand, involves high operative costs and the licensing fee hassle to be crossed while obtaining a Windows server. Small and medium size B2B website content companies prefer Linux solution due to cost-effective nature of plans and no downtime issues.

Linux-based hosting is a clear winner apart from its cost-advantage and secure operating environment. It’s highly compatible with ecommerce functions often used by small businesses widely. Some of popular Linux solutions include Debian, RedHat, and Slackware etc.

Linux environment Hosting services include useful features like PHP and MySQL support, Apache Web Server, Chmod file permissions, and Mod Rewrite Support. Hosting on Linux is a cheap, affordable and safe hosting option for websites based on OpenSource technologies. Linux platform is more reliable and less probable to crash.