Window Hosting Versus Linux Hosting

Sometimes we may be feel hesitate when try to decide which web hosting providers as lots of these companies are around the market. Commonly, there are two different hosting plans – Window Hosting and Linux Hosting. Well, I believe Window Hosting is not a strange name anymore. In term of charge rate, Window Hosting usually more expensive due to licensee issue from Microsoft. But in term of services and features, both of them are quite similar. Following I will bring you guys to understand more about Window Hosting and Linux Hosting.

Since a decade ago, Microsoft has been active in the operating systems market. Nowadays, almost 90% of the computer terminals using Microsoft products and due to this significant monopoly by Microsoft, most people already implant a mindset of using Microsoft Windows. According to survey reviewed by recently, Window Based server is about 20% less than the total websites on the internet. This is mainly due to Linux Hosting equally able to provide the similar result with lower price.

A few reasons attract people to use Window Hosting:

1 .NET technologies including

Window Hosting has .NET technologies including whereas Linux Hosting do not have it. This feature is necessary if you want to set up website which requires .NET technologies and

2. Access Database
Window Hosting has this option. This option only compatible and only available on Window Hosting but not on Linux Hosting.


MSSQL is an enterprise class database which set up by Microsoft. Linux Hosting also have this feature which only is common enterprise class database. If you really require Microsoft’s MSSQL enterprise class database, then you have to go for Window Hosting.

4. Share points Service

For Window Hosting, it has its own share points feature which is known as 2003 Frontpage. This feature only available on Window Hosting.

After reading the above, I would like to bring your attention to Linux Hosting now: –

1. Free of Charge Enterprise Class Website

Basically Linux Hosting is an open source platform where everybody can install and use it. It offers lots of major services for free. It can link together with other services like Apache, MySQL and PHP in order to provide infrastructure for many high traffic websites.

2. Better PHP

As in compare between Linux Hosting and Window Hosting, Linux Hosting can run better PHP. But if the PHP scripts are in heavy load, then there will be no much different between them.

3. Cheaper Rate

As in overall, Linux Hosting is cheaper by 20% than Window Hosting.

So a conclusion, if your website utilizes lots of Microsoft based technologies. Then Window Hosting is more suitable for you. And if your website utilizes other technologies, then Linux Hosting will be more suitable for you. Furthermore, you can save more by using Linux Hosting.